Introduction and Overview


What is IBM BPM (Business Process Management)?

IBM BPM product covers software and services for providing visibility in any Organization. Through IBM BPM Product Documentation, Discovering, Automation, and continuously improving business processes for improvement of efficiency and reduction of the cost. IBM Business Process Management (BPM) is discussed here. This describes the IBM's Business Process Manager (IBPM) product and not to provide theory on BPM in an abstract sense.

Overview of IBM Business Process Manager

IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) provides a platform on which Business Processes can be described, implemented, executed and monitored.

History of IBM Business Process Manager

IBM BPM Product may look odd or strange if one is not having an idea of IBM organization’s history. The first ever product of IBM is WebSphere Process Server and it is delivered in to the market in the year of 2005. This WebSphere Process Server is the preceding product of IBM Business Process Management (BPM). From BPM perspective this product is specially designed for answering every need of the customer. Its core design followed a Service Oriented Architecture paradigm. 

Introduction and Overview

Here, customers can have business services and these services could then be associated together for building business solutions.  In general view, a business service may be a coarse grained functional component or an application that exposes itself as a reusable service.  Generally this can be exposed as a Web Service but almost any technology to execute such a service could be used.  By building out a set of re-usable services, if we could now describe the rules that govern the execution of these services, we would have a solution.
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