Changing Standard Teamwork’s Message

Method 1: 


For Example, if you want to change the following message:

"The task you tried to start is owned by some other user. Please Press the "Close" button to close this screen and return to the task list."

In this method, the above mentioned (imagined) message is contained in the application teamworks.war. Now, you can take the language pack file from <BPMRootFolder>/BPM/Lombardi/language-packs. First extract it and find the necessary file. After finding the file, change it. Now Pack the language pack in the file back and install it using bootstrapProcessServerData script.

Method 2:

The above can also be done in a very simple format as follows:

Use the folder of the application what has already deployed. You will find several files named as Process Admin Messages_<lng>.properties in this folder. Backup the originals and edit the necessary files. Now save them and restart the server.
For changing the English messages, You have to use some Unicode converters.

Note: "Be sure to backup your custom files before updating your IBM BPM server".

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