Administration Course Details

Administration Course Details

IBM BPM Course Overview:
The Lombardi BPM Administration will collaborate with BPM Process Specialists (Business Analysts), Process Owners, Process Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Integration SMEs, Database SMEs to create BPM (process-centric) solutions using IBM Lombardi and potentially leveraging other WebSphere BPM and integration tools (such as WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition, WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere ESB, etc.). 

IBM BPM Course Content:

Over view of IBM Lombardi:
  • Explaining IBM Process Center Architecture
  • Introduction of Process Stake Holders and their activities
  • Introduction of Lombardi Product Components
  • Lombardi Key Terms and Concept
Creating your first Lombardi Project:
  • How to add the User groups and Users and how to grant access
  • Create a New Process
  • Explain the Process Package / Tool Kit Package.
  • Managing Snapshots and Workspaces.
Designing BPD:
  • Creating a BPD and Configuration Setting,
  • Adding Lanes to the BPD,
  • Assigning Participants,
  • Adding activities,
  • Establishing process flow lanes
Building Coaches and Services and nested services:
  • Building Human Services
  • Building Integration Service
  • Building general System Services
Building an executable BPDs and Services:
  • Using Gateways
  • Implementing Activities
  • Adding Process Variables to BPD
  • Adding Events to BPD
  • Setting Environment Variables
  • Validating Processes
Modeling Events:
  • Modeling Message Events
  • Timer Events
  • Adhoc Events
Mapping and Managing Variables:
  • Creating Custom Variables
  • Declaring and passing variables
  • Creating Exposed process variables
  • Explain Pre and Post assignments
  • Initializing Complex variable using java script
  • Making Variables available to process portal search
Exception handling and loops:
  • Create Simple loop in BPD 
  • Create multi instance loops
  • How to handle exceptions in BPD as well as in services
Advance Concepts:
  • Using Embedded java script
  • Using external activities
  • Brief Introduction to Performance DB , Tracking Groups ,Tracking Points, Reports
  • What is UCA.
  • How to use UCA.
  • Adding Files to Process App
  • Web API and web services
  • Java Connector
  • Sql Connector
  • Email Connector
  • Webservice connector
  • Process Center Console
  • Process Admin Console
  • Performance Admin Console
  • Process Portal
  • Mini Project and Exercises

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