Interview Questions

Interview Questions

What is Durable Subscription?

When a message is sent to an user who is offline, the message waits in the queue and gets delivered when the user appears online again. This phenomenon is called as "Durable Subscription".

How a BPD can be divided into?

The BPD can be divided into Lanes and Milestones. The horizontal lines are called Lanes and vertical ones are called Milestones.

How will you access processes in BPM?

You can Start, Stop, Control and Monitor Processes using Process Portal.

What are the key components of BPM?

      • Process Server
      • Process Designer
      • Process Center
      • Process Center Console
      • Performance Data Warehouse
      • Process Portal
      • Process Admin Console
What is the stand for BPEL?

BPEL: Business Process Execution Language.

What is Rule Set or rule group?

A rule set is a group of if/then statements or rules where the if is the condition and the then is the action of the rule. Rule sets are best suited for those business rules that have very few condition clauses.

What is Business State Machine?

Business state machines are service components that allow you to represent business processes based on states and events instead of a sequential business process model.
Business state machines specify the sequences of states, responses, and actions that an object or an interaction goes through in response to events.

What is BPC and how can it will be useful?

BPC is a Business Process Choreography. It used for monitor Process Instance, Process Template and human task Instance, Human task Template.

What is CGI and how it will be used?

CEI provides basic event-management services, including consolidating and persisting raw events from multiple, heterogeneous sources and distributing those events to event consumers. It provides functionality for generation, propagation, persistence, and consumption of events representing service component processes.

What are different types of Human Tasks?
  • To-do task - a service schedules a piece of work for a person to perform.
  • Invocation task - a person uses a service.
  • Collaboration task - one person assigns work to another person.
  • Administration task - a person is granted administrative powers over an activity or process.
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